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What is interior design?

Interior design is a creative yet technical process of designing, planning, choosing and organising layout, finishes, furnishings, furniture, fittings, lighting, colour, signage, displays and decorative elements; integrating with architectural design, building services design and other disciplines of building design to create an indoor environment with consistent design theme, recognisable composition and identifiable character (sometimes design style), for all kinds of indoor human activities such as working, living, shopping, dining, meeting, gathering, sporting, worshipping, learning, performing, trading, relaxing, assembling, servicing, researching, caring, curing, etc.

Interior design objectives

The objective of the interior design process is to achieve a set of visualized plan in the form of drawings, models, renderings, material sample boards which guide the use of an interior space; define the scale, size, form, proportion, components, composition, layout, relationship with utility layout, modulation of circulation routes, and architectural character of an interior space or groups of spaces being designed. The interior design will be used as a base to co-ordinate the preparation of other plans and schedules for procurement of furnishings, furniture, fittings, equipments, and displays. The interior design will be detailed and co-ordinated with building services layout for guiding fitout work to turn design ideas into physical interiors.

Interior design services

AAPAC interior design service includes architectural interior design, corporate interior design, professional office interior design, retail / shop interior design, school interior design, apartment interior design, store interior design, galleries interior design, restaurant interior design, hotel interior design, hospital interior design, medical centre interior design, aged care facility interior design, homes interior design, rooms interior design, (eg. living room interior design).

As multi-discipline interior design consultancy, we allocate experienced interior designer, interior design architect, and sometimes interior decorator for interiors projects. Our approach to interior design is more than to decorate, but to create interior design which is integrated with the architecture, the structure, and the organization of building elements, building services and building materials of a building.

We design and prepare interior design documents consisting of plans, elevations, details, schedules, material sample boards and specifications to illustrate various elements of an interior design concept, including partition layouts, furniture layouts, power and communications locations, acoustic plans, lighting designs, furniture layouts, materials and finishes. Very often, these drawings are also used for marketing purpose of interior space.  Where appropriate, 3D animated walk-thru will also be used to illustrate an interior design concept.

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Interior design benefits

AAPAC interior design service benefits include:
  • functional design addressing needs of user groups and purpose of the interior space
  • maximum utilization of resources and favourable aspects offered with an interior space
  • sustainable interior design consideration
  • maximum value consideration (cost / benefit) for interiors project
  • interior design integrated with rational layout of building services outlets and access openings, allowing easier maintenance and lower building running cost
  • high quality interior design with appropriate architectural expression
  • reduced fitout cost with time and cost implication consideration during interior design
  • maximum return of investment for clients
  • clear and co-ordinated documentation minimizing fitout delays and problems

Interior design considerations

AAPAC interior design service is normally carried out with the following considerations:
  • site features, attributes, resources, favourable aspects, limitations and restrictions
  • integration of the interior design with architectural design of a building
  • sustainability aspects of the interior design
  • functional needs of users and purpose of the interior space
  • value optimization of the interior design
  • co-ordination of interior design with utilities and building services infrastructure
  • comfort, health and safety effects of the interior design
  • aesthetics, character, cultural sensitivity and sensory stimulation
  • provision for different users and different functions
  • connectivity, clarity of circulation and traffic routes
  • quality of physical expression of the interior design
  • identity, orientation, sense of place
  • buildability and maintainability of the interior design
  • life cycle cost implication of the interior design
  • cost and time implication on the fitout process
  • return of investment for clients

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