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China plans to turn Beijing into a world-class city within 5 years -
China announces plan to lift Beijing's standing into a world class city with "Chinese characteristics", aiming to improve the capital city's economy, scientific & technological innovation, cultural development and the urban environment.  This implies good opportunity for local & foreign firms in the area of architecture, urban design, landscape design, green development, sustainability design, environmental engineering, pollution control, innovative application of scientific research & new technology.

The plan is announced by Mr. Liu Qi, BJ CPC Ctte Secretary, during a large officials change-over meeting being held in BJ.

Policy to boost Beijing's standing
The policy announcement aims to
complete in the next 5 years the development framework for Beijing to become a globally influential advance city of scientific, technological and cultural innovation by 2020.  It is reported that the policy plan sets to create a "cultural, technological & green" Beijing so that the city is a first choice for major international functions & gatherings, global top enterprises' headquarters, global top talents' congregation place; also for Beijing to become China's advanced cultural urban centre, and a harmonious, livable city - in summary, to provide a better living environment for the city's citizen.
The policy plan lists 6 goals:
1. To accelerate structural change of economic development of the BJ area
2. To achieve sooner balanced rate of growth for the economic development of both urban BJ and countryside BJ areas
3. To initiate framework for "democratic" political structure in BJ areas
4. To invigorate and support large scale cultural development as the country's capital
5. To drive improvement and innovation in social infrastructure building and services management
6. To increase & improve ecological development and place more emphasis on ecological/sustainability consideration in development 

Main targets & policy areas
The following targets and policy areas are listed in the BJ development plan:
- to lift the average GDP per capita from present US$12,500 per year to US$20,000
- to continuously improve the city's functions - refine
- to achieve 40% landscape & tree coverage of the city
- to implement a massive tree planting program to cover a million acres
- to consistently reduce the release of major pollutants in BJ
- to resolve BJ's traffic jam problem effectively
- to achieve 50% target for public transport usage in the BJ CBD and surrounding areas
- to achieve a more harmonious society environment
- to balance the delivery of basic public service
- to improve channels of reflection of public opinion regarding social welfare
- to control the city's population in a scientific and orderly manner
- to improve mechanism for resolving social conflicts
- to improve the cultural sophistication level for both the personal and city level
- to better protect, discover, adapt and re-use heritage cultural resources
- to become a blueprint for development of cultural rich city for the rest of the country
- to narrow the difference in income levels between urban and countryside citizens
- to improve substantially the income levels of the middle and low income population in BJ areas
- to realize proportional linkage between income growth and economic growth
- to complete urban development of 50 million sqm of old districts
- to complete one million units of social housing
- to satisfy the basic needs of education for young children
- to establish basic medical / healthcare system and aged care system to cover both urban BJ and countryside BJ areas
- to realize a harmonious livable urban environment

Basic data of Beijing
According to wikipedia,

Population               19,612,368 (as of 2010)
Area                       16,801 sq km  (6,487 sq miles)
Density                   1,200/sq km  (3,000/sq mile)
Elevation                 43.5 m  (142 ft)
Administration        16 districts, 2 counties, 289 towns and villages
GDP (2011)            RMB 1.6 trillion  (US$247.7 billion)
GDP per capita        RMB 80,394  (US$12,447)
GDP growth            +8.1%

Source: HKWWP, Wikipedia - 30.6.2012

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China plans to turn Beijing into a world-class city in a new 5 years plan - with green development & livability as part of the emphasis

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