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What is architectural design?

Architectural design is the artistic, specialised and skilled practice of building design for construction of building structures to satisfy particular functional needs within various constraints, eg. planning, site, budget, technology, resource. Apart from meeting functional requirement, good architectural design will create a sense of beauty, a recognition of order, an interpretation of relationships, an expression of deeper meaning, a definition of place, and an uplift of spirit.

architectural design objectives

The objective of the architectural design process is to achieve a set of visualized plan in the form of drawings, models, renderings which guides the use of a site; defines the height, size, form, density, interior volumes, external spaces, functional spatial layout, utility layout, circulation routes, and architectural character of a building or groups of buildings being designed. The architectural design will be used as a base to co-ordinate the preparation of other plans for different purposes by various consultants of different disciplines in a building design project. The architectural design will be detailed and co-ordinated with the other designs for guiding construction to turn design ideas into physical structures.

architectural design services

AAPAC architectural design service, which may sometimes be called architecture service, architects service, architectural service, or architecture engineering, is about architecture, design of buildings, design of space, building architecture, architecture and design, architecture and construction, architecture art, (not necessarily architecture style), landscape architecture, and interior design. Architectural design services include concept architectural design, engineering architectural design, landscape architectural design, interior architectural design, exterior architectural design, architectural design for home, houses architectural design, retail architectural design, factory architectural design, industrial architectural design, apartment architectural design, hotel architectural design, school architectural design, health care architectural design and aged care architectural design.

As multi-discipline architectural design company, we often form special architectural design group with experienced and innovative designer architects from our architectural design studio for different architectural design projects. Our architectural design consultancy provides 3d architectural design, architectural lighting design, custom architectural design and architectural design build services. Our architectural design practice emphases integration of interior and architectural design; pursuit of good architectural design, advanced architectural design, creative architectural design, innovative architectural design and modern architectural design; and adoption of sustainable architectural design principles and green architectural design, where appropriate, in any new architectural design project.  We aim to produce the best architectural design within project parameters.

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architectural design benefits

AAPAC architectural design service benefits include:

architectural design considerations

AAPAC architectural design service is normally carried out with the following considerations:

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